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Bob McDonnell on the stand: His last campaign

RICHMOND, Va. — His expression was grim, his voice cracked at just the right times, and he appeared in genuine pain — all while describing his wife.
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While Nation's Eyes Are on Ferguson, Justice for Injured Toddler Is Ignored

Matt Towery

The details about the death of Michael Brown and the actions of the Ferguson, Missouri, policeman who shot him remain very much at issue. There are too many theories and longstanding feelings, ranging from race relations to support for law enforcement, for any columnist to properly take a stand on the matter. 
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Around the South
Virginia, Alabama, & Texas

Virginia: Gillespie (R) begins air war. Former National Republican Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, the underdog in a challenge to US Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), launched his television campaign this week, reports The Hill. “My Dad was an Irish immigrant,” the candidate says on the spot. “I grew up working in my parents’ grocery store. I helped pay for college as a US Senate parking lot attendant and eventually became a counselor to a president.” The candidate closes with, “I’ll be a leader for policies that grow the middle class and expand opportunity. With the right policies, we can do better.” 


Alabama: Griffith (D) begins air war. Former US Rep. Parker Griffith (D), a long shot challenger to incumbent Gov. Robert Bentley (R), initiated the television battle this week in Alabama’s gubernatorial contest. In Griffith’s first spot, he attacks Bentley for opposing Medicaid expansion and a state lottery to help finance education. The ads began just before Griffith went on a four-stop tour: Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham and Huntsville.


Texas: Davis would repeal statute of limitations for rape. State Sen. Wendy Davis (D), the Democratic nominee for governor of the Lone Star State, has called for abolishing the state’s ten-year statute of limitations on prosecutions for rape and sexual abuse. In a news conference in Dallas, accompanied by rape victim Lavinia Masters, Davis said that “eliminating the statute of limitations for rape will help to right that wrong by making sure that survivors like Lavinia will never again have to forgo justice,” reported dallasnews.com. Davis, who made her political reputation fighting anti-abortion laws in the legislature, is concentrating on maximizing her support among women voters. In November, Davis faces Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, the GOP gubernatorial nominee. 

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