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Tennessee governor’s race percolates

Tennessee governor’s race percolates

By Hastings Wyman –

Incumbent Gov. Bill Haslam, a Republican, is term-limited and as soon as the presidential election was over, Volunteer State politicos and pundits began to look toward the 2018 election to succeed him. Tennessee is solidly Republican, with the GOP controlling the governor’s office, both the state house and senate, both US Senate seats and six of its eight congressional seats. Last year, Donald Trump carried the state with 61% to Hillary Clinton’s 35%; Clinton carried three counties to Trump’s 92.

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Georgia’s Deal ‘accentuates the positive’ in State of the State address

Governor Nathan Deal strove to keep positive in his annual State of the State address, which he gave yesterday at the State Capitol before a joint session.

The Governor first looked back on his early years in office when the state, still not out of the recession, had an unemployment rate over 10% and a critically low rainy day fund. Here six years later, unemployment is down near 5%, the rainy day fund has grown to over $2 billion, and the economy continues to excel.


Race issues swallow second day of Sessions testimony

By Seung Min Kim (Politico) –

The fraught issue of race exploded on the second day of Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing for attorney general, as a black senator eviscerated Sessions’ civil rights record and the head of the Congressional Black Caucus accused the GOP chairman of forcing black lawmakers to “go to the back of the bus.”


The Next DNC and RNC Chairs

By Randy Evans –

The time has come for the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) and the Republican National Committee (“RNC”) to select the chairs of their respective political parties. For the party in power in the White House, it is a relatively straightforward process. The president names his choice and the national committee effectively ratifies the choice.


Paul, Trump upend GOP’s Obamacare repeal plans

By Burgess Everett (Politico) –

After Rand Paul spent the last week urging the GOP not to repeal Obamacare without having a replacement plan ready, his phone rang on Friday night with a call from a new supporter: Donald Trump.


The ups and downs of Trump’s transition

By Hastings Wyman –

Any thought that the professions of President Obama and other Democrats that they would put the nation’s interest ahead of partisan politics and give President-elect Donald Trump some semblance of a honeymoon has disappeared as quickly as the GOP’s non-partisan welcoming of Barack Obama to the White House after the 2008 election.

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