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Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz differ on lame-duck activity

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is breaking with conservative Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee over the legislative prospects for the post-election lame duck congressional session.
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Juvenile-justice reforms show results, officials say

Walter Jones

ATLANTA -- Sweeping changes in how misbehaving youths are treated have reduced the number of teens requiring lock-up, saved taxpayers money and show signs of helping produce productive adults, according to officials. 
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9/16/2014 — Immigration hits Kentucky Senate race

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9/11/2014 — Cruz takes hardline on CR

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9/10/2014 — Virginia, Louisiana, & Mississippi

9/9/2014 — Alison Lundergan Grimes heading to D.C. to raise cash

9/9/2014 — Michelle Obama appearance a risk for Michelle Nunn, political observer says

9/8/2014 — Polls: Tom Cotton, Mitch McConnell, Mark Udall lead

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9/5/2014 — Walter Jones: GA: Nunn rolls out 8-point business plan

9/4/2014 — Kay Hagan, Thom Tillis spar in first debate

9/4/2014 — Matt Towery: Ready, Set, Wait: Chances Growing That Control of Senate Won't Be Determined Until After November Elections

9/3/2014 — 2014 Senate Race Ratings

9/3/2014 — Compiled from InsiderAdvantage and Southern Political Report staff: Illegal immigration big election issue in Ga.

9/2/2014 — Eric Cantor joins Wall Street bank

9/2/2014 — Hastings Wyman: Virginia: Does Gillespie have a shot?
Around the South
Virginia, North Carolina, & Georgia

Virginia: Warner, legislative leaders agree on spending cuts. Facing a $2.4 billion budget deficit, the Old Dominion’s Democratic governor and Republican leaders from the state House and Senate agreed on decreasing spending by 3% across the board. State and local agencies will determine how to make the cuts. Only K-12 education will be spared the decreases, reports the Washington Post. The plan raises no taxes, but Gov. Mark Warner (D) said he will consider a new tax policy next year.


North Carolina: State revenue down. Personal income tax receipts were down $226 million, or 13.5%, in July and August, compared to the same months last year, according to the Office of he Sate Controller, reports the News & Observer. The decrease appears to be the result of tax cuts made by the legislature last year. The receipts are also about $50 million less than projections for July and August of this year.


Georgia: Bush backs Perdue. Although Michelle Nunn (D) was the CEO OF former President George H. W. Bush’s Points of Light Foundation, the elder Bush has announced his support for David Perdue, the Republican nominee in the Peach State’s US Senate race. “I have lost any confidence in the current Senate leadership,” Bush said in a statement, “and believe David Perdue will be an independent voice for Georgia while working for positive solutions to our toughest challenges,” reports The Hill. 

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