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The West Virginia Senate Race: Coal-Fired Politics

By Gary Reese

Consider two facts from the 2012 presidential election in West Virginia:

·         The state had two Democratic U.S. senators.

·         Republican Mitt Romney won all 55 counties.

This startling paradox can be explained with one word: coal.

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The Grimes family discount

Alison Lundergan Grimes has barnstormed Kentucky in her 45-foot-long campaign bus, rolling up to raucous rallies and posing for photos next to the vehicle bearing an oversized image of the Democratic Senate hopeful.
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Around the South
Georgia, Texas, & Race

Georgia: Lewis says Ferguson looks like Baghdad. US Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” says protests in Ferguson, MO, “looked like it was in Baghdad, or some other war torn zone.” He continued, “Ferguson is a part of the United States of America. It’s not China, it’s not Russia, it’s not the Congo. It’s America, people have a right to protest,” reported the Chicago Sun-Times. Lewis also noted that it’s “a shame and a disgrace” that Ferguson, which is 70% black, has only three black police officers.


Texas: Cruz condemns arrests of journalists. “Reporters should never be detained – a free press is too important – simply for doing their jobs,” said US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), reports The Hill. He added, “Civil liberties must be protected, but violence is not the answer. Once the unrest is brought to an end, we should examine carefully what happened to ensure that justice is served.”


Race: Blacks, whites diverge on killing. According to a Rasmussen Reports survey, 23% of adults believe the officer who killed Michael Brown should be found guilty of murder, while 26% believe he acted in self-defense. By race, 57% of blacks, but only 17% of whites and 24% of other minorities, think the officer was guilty of murder. Among whites, 56% were undecided. So were 49% of other minorities.



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