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Sanders swings through Georgia

Sanders swings through Georgia

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders swung through Georgia over the weekend, making an appearance in Savannah on Sunday followed by a campaign event at the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta Monday night. Sanders and his progressive message have created a... read more

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Is the Georgia Legislature Being Honest About the State Budget?

By Baker Owens – As January and the beginning of the legislative session approach, attention turns again to the state budget. As the economy has continued to improve, tax col […]


The politics of the War on Terror

By Hastings Wyman – The ideological divide that splits this nation has been starkly illustrated by the primary approach of the two political parties to the recent terrorist a […]


South Carolina frustrated mosquitos, standing water, future costs

By Sarita Chourey – COLUMBIA – Death and property loss hit South Carolina during the historic flood, but more than a month later, mosquitoes, standing water and excessi […]


Staggering Figures Show Wall Street ‘Knew’ Attacks Were Coming

By Matt Towery – No, this is not a conspiracy theory. But for critics of President Obama’s weak response to the tragedy in Paris or of his overall foreign policy, here […]


Squalid refugee conditions exposed: GA Gov. Deal Bars Syrians

By Phil Kent – Monday was a busy news day regarding the issue of refugee resettlement in Georgia.  In the early afternoon, this writer along with other media representatives […]

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