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RFRA Fallout Takes Form in Indiana

RFRA Fallout Takes Form in Indiana

By Patrick Hickey As the debate over the Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act rages on in House sub-committee meetings, the first tangible consequences of passing such a piece of legislation are being seen in Indiana.  Gen Con, the world’s largest gaming... read more

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With Rise of NewsMax TV Florida Boasts a Major Cable News Force

By Gary Reese – Decades ago a brash entrepreneur known primarily for his ownership of the Atlanta Braves and an America’s Cup Championship declared to the world that he would […]


Jeb’s South Carolina firewall fails to take shape

By James Hohmann (Politico) – GREENVILLE, S.C.— Twice before, South Carolina has delivered for the Bush family. In 1988, it famously served as George H.W. Bush’s firewall aft […]


Will “limited English” qualify refugees for scholarships?

By Phil Kent – The list of Georgia students currently eligible for private school scholarships include children with disabilities– such as blindness, traumatic injury a […]


From Cato to Cotton: A call to arms

By Hastings Wyman – Cato the Elder, in the Second Century BC, ended every one of his speeches to the Roman senate with “Carthago delenda est” – Carthage must be destroyed. Fu […]

Pottawatomie Co. Court House, Broadway, Shawnee OK.  27 Aug. 2008

Florida’s Patrick Murphy running for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat

By Marc Caputo (Politico) – Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy formally announced his campaign for Senate on Monday, saying he’s ready to fight for the highly competitive seat regar […]

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