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UGA Profs: USA Less Secure Without Nuclear Power

UGA Profs: USA Less Secure Without Nuclear Power

by David Gattie & Scott Jones

As the U.S. nuclear industry works to increase its contribution to the civilian power sector, recent issues with Toshiba and Westinghouse have reignited the debate regarding the future of nuclear power in the U.S.

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Rural America, your Trumpland emissary has (finally) arrived

By Jenny Hopkinson (Politico) –

President Donald Trump finally has a point person for rural issues after the Senate approved Sonny Perdue to lead the Department of Agriculture by a vote of 87-11 Monday evening.


Is an ill wind blowing for the GOP?

By Hastings Wyman –

Three special elections this month in which Democrats ran better than is normal beg the question, is there a trend away from the GOP as many voters express their displeasure with the Donald Trump presidency?


Braves win first game at SunTrust, and Score Record Night for Sales

By Tal Wright (Politico) –

With 9,000 fewer seats than Turner Field, the Atlanta Braves experienced a record first night in their regular-season debut at SunTrust Park. They defeated the San Diego Padres 5 -2, and ticket, merchandise, food and beverage and restaurant sales exceeded the team’s all-time record, according to Braves’ President of Development Mike Plant.


Georgia special election headed for overtime

By Elena Schneider (Politico) –

Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel have advanced to a runoff in the special House election in Georgia, with Ossoff narrowly missing out on an outright win, prolonging a campaign many Democrats have come to see as an early referendum on President Donald Trump.


A Georgia Lawyer Asks: Is There Such a Thing as “Trumpism”?

By Cary Ichter –

As voters in the Georgia 6th Congressional District head to the polls on Tuesday, most of the candidates vying for their votes are attempting to identify themselves in relation to the new Donald Trump administration. Indeed, many thought leaders define the philosophies of the candidates based upon whether they are adherents of “Trumpism.”

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