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Senators raising big money

Senators raising big money

By Hastings Wyman – The Federal Election Commission reports for the first half of the year are in, and Dixie’s US Senators up for election next year are bringing in the big dough. While several may be vulnerable in 2016, they should be ready to finance solid... read more

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“Newsvesting”™ Bulletin

The Atlanta Fed’s “Nowcast,” which projects the GDP for each quarter, struck again pegging the GDP growth at the correct level—2.3%. Most Wall Street experts expected somewhere bet […]


Message to the Political Elite: Trump Gets It, You Don’t

Matt Towery is the chairman of InsiderAdvantage.  This is his nationally syndicated column hosted by Creators Syndicate which runs in newspapers and on websites across the country. […]


Mega-merger would bolster Blue Cross in Georgia

By Andy Miller – ATLANTA — Anthem’s agreement to buy Cigna for $48 billion, if consummated, would cement the dominant position of Georgia’s leading health i […]


Inside Rand Paul’s downward spiral

By Alex Isenstadt  (Politico) – Rand Paul, once seen as a top-tier contender, finds his presidential hopes fading fast as he grapples with deep fundraising and organizational […]


US House incumbents filling war chests

By Hastings Wyman – The Federal Election Commission reports for the first half of this year are now public and give some clues about what may transpire next year. Florida’s r […]

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