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Why is the Space Industry the Next Film Industry?

By Bob Scaringe –
Ask any politician how Georgia does in the aerospace industry and you will hear a very positive answer like “great.” The truth is Georgia does great in the aeronautics side of aerospace– and the little known fact is Georgia does very poorly with the space side of the industry with less than 1/10 of 1 percent market share of a huge $330 billion space industry.

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McHenry steps up fundraising for GOP colleagues

By John Bresnahan (Politico) –

North Carolina GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry, the chief deputy majority whip, has raised and given out nearly $5 million for his fellow Republicans this cycle.


Insurance claims mount from Hurricane Matthew

By Cosby Woodruff –

Georgia insurance companies and regulators have swarmed to the Georgia coast following Hurricane Matthew’s visit to the area earlier this month.

State insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens’ office did not have damage estimates Friday afternoon, but State Farm, the state’s largest insurer, said claims were piling up. The company has sent extra claims agents to the coast to handle the load.


Is South Carolina in play?

By Hastings Wyman –

If the Time magazine cover is right, and the air is swooshing out of the Trump balloon, then a state like South Carolina, where The Donald was only 4 points ahead of Hillary Clinton – 42% to 38% – in the latest poll taken by Winthrop University should at least be competitive. Moreover, since the poll, the “Access Hollywood” tape came out and more than several women have come forward with tales of unwanted sexual contact from the Republican nominee.


Newspaper endorsements? Not in Georgia

There was a time when newspaper endorsements were a big, big deal. As the loudest media presence in a city, (if not an entire region in many cases) the paper’s influence would have a massive effect on a voting base that got its political news from that very same source. Of course editorial influences made things messy from time to time, (read: all the time) but that was all part of the game.


Watch the U.S. Senate on election night

By Randy Evans –

While the presidential election has become a noisy spectacle of personalities and tabloid accusations and counter-accusations, the U.S. Senate quietly hangs in the balance. Certainly, the presidential election is more consequential. Yet no Washington, D. C., insider would question that nothing happens in the nation’s Capitol unless it passes through the Senate.

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