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What Donald Trump’s win means for Georgia

What Donald Trump’s win means for Georgia

By Randy Evans –

Every presidential election means change. The only question is the magnitude of change. So, when President George H. W. Bush succeeded President Ronald Reagan, it was more of a course modification than a change in direction. When President Barack Obama succeeded President George W. Bush, it was a sea change.

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Let’s Fix Georgia’s Non-Transparent Parole Process

By State Rep. Jesse Petrea –

Earlier this year serial rapist and murderer Torrey Scott was sentenced to four consecutive life terms without parole. Our Savannah community is free of this predator once and for all.


Tim Scott leaning against gubernatorial bid

By Seung Min Kim (Politico) –

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) hasn’t yet slammed the door shut on running for governor back home in South Carolina, but he seems to be getting there.


US Senate looks good for GOP in 2018

By Hastings Wyman –

With the 2016 election barely behind us, political insiders are already focused on 2018 when 33 US Senate seats will be on the ballot. The map heavily favors the Republicans. The Democrats will be defending 25 seats (including two independents who vote with them), and ten of them are in states that Donald Trump carried in the presidential election. Only eight are held by Republicans, with just one – in Nevada – in a state that Hillary Clinton won.


Donald Trump, political heir to Georgia’s Sonny Perdue

By Eric Tannenblatt –

As an outsider, they said he couldn’t win his party’s nomination against mainline, monied rivals. As a political renegade, they said he couldn’t create a winning general election coalition.


Newsvesting for a Trump Bump…and Eventual Slump

In anticipation of what I openly declared ahead of time as a likely Donald Trump win November 8th, I steadily bought shares of the S&P index fund SPDR (SPY) but hedged by buying shares of one of the many ETFs that track volatility in the market (the VIX), in my case choosing the fund traded as VIXY.

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