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Viewpoint: How three Georgians helped Trump likely win GOP nomination

Viewpoint: How three Georgians helped Trump likely win GOP nomination

By Phil Kent – As Donald Trump celebrates victory in the Indiana presidential primary, he can thank three Georgians who impacted his campaign, in significant but different ways, as he has ploughed toward the Republican presidential nomination. I’m referring to three movers-and-shakers who have worked with each other in the political arena over the past couple of decades: Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Atlanta businesswoman Rayna Casey and pollster and attorney Matt Towery with Atlanta’s Hall Booth Smith firm. After the Iowa caucuses, Gingrich – from his national soapbox as a Fox News Channel analyst— began positively noting that Trump was gaining traction by tapping into massive voter dissatisfaction with America’s direction. The former speaker still predicted, even after mainstream media criticism of Trump’s insults toward other candidates, that the New York businessman could ultimately be the leading candidate for the GOP. Trump naturally listens to the former speaker’s political advice aired on Fox News, even though Gingrich can’t endorse anyone. And Gingrich obviously listens to Towery— even praising him in a March 3 Washington Times oped piece and citing Towery’s now-famous 2014 “Why Trump Should Run” column. But more about that later. Casey, a former Buckhead Coalition vice president and Georgia Lottery Corp. board member, is a major donor, fund-raiser and advisor to various GOP candidates. She jumped on the Trump train as state co-chair to prepare for Georgia’s March 1 “SEC Presidential Primary.” It was Casey, for example, who negotiated the contract with the Georgia World Congress Center Authority for Trump’s huge February rally and is a Trump campaign favorite for an at-large national delegate slot... read more

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Ted Cruz, Donald Trump

Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race

Ted Cruz on Tuesday night dropped out of the presidential race, ending one of the best-organized campaigns of 2016 after a series of stinging defeats left Donald Trump as the only candidate capable of clinching the nomination outright.

Barack Obama Continues Campaign Swing Through Florida

Why Rubio hasn’t endorsed Cruz

By Marc Caputo (Politico) – Marco Rubio won’t be endorsing Ted Cruz during the Republican presidential primary, but he’s likely to back the Texas senator at a contested convention — if it gets that far. The de facto plan, Rubio’s backers say, is designed to help Cruz. It also, however, protects Rubio’s political future, including if he decides to make another run for the White House. Immediately after Rubio dropped out of the presidential contest following his home state loss March 15, the Florida senator told supporters he would endorse Cruz under two conditions: if the Texas senator wanted the endorsement and if it would make a difference. But Rubio came to believe that neither Cruz nor he would really gain from an endorsement so far. Read more HERE

Open House seats draw candidates and cash

By Hastings Wyman – Money is flowing into Dixie’s congressional contests this year, especially in the 14 open congressional districts. Eleven are currently held by Republicans, three by Democrats. Because 90% or more of incumbent members of the US House are reelected every two years, when a vacancy does occur, it usually opens a floodgate of pent up ambition from legislators, wealthy individuals, and others who want to move up in or into political life. Thus far, 75 candidates have filed for the 14 seats, all of whom have raised at least the $5,000 minimum required to report financial activity to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Thus, seven Republicans and three Democrats have filed so far in Florida 6, eight Republicans and two Democrats filed in Florida 18, six Republicans and one Democrat in Georgia 3, six Republicans in Louisiana 3, and seven Republicans in Tennessee 8. Most congressional districts have been drawn to favor one party or the other, and the FEC financial reports for the 1st Quarter reflect that. In most districts, the flushest campaigns are all in […]


Up next: Georgia’s May 24 primary election

By Randy Evans – With all of the attention directed at the 2016 presidential nomination contests, it would be easy to overlook a much more immediate election here in Georgia. Even though Georgians participated in the presidential preference primary on March 1, Georgia’s Democratic and Republican primary to determine the parties’ nominees for federal, state and local positions has yet to occur. That happens on May 24 when Georgia voters can vote in Georgia’s primary election. In addition to voting on nominees for federal, state, and local public offices, Georgians will also elect judges from local courts to Georgia’s highest court. Already, absentee ballots are on the way and early voting starts on May 2 with a built in Saturday voting on May 14. In the past, Georgia’s primary nominees have been largely selected the moment qualifying ends if only one candidate qualifies. But, as the presidential cycle has proven, 2016 has been anything other than an ordinary election year. As a result, Georgians have a bumper crop of contested primaries in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections (although […]


The parallel universe where Cruz is beating Trump

By Katie Glueck (Politico) – Donald Trump has earned more than 9 million votes in the Republican primary and amassed a lead that puts him on the brink of clinching the GOP nomination. But in the shadow contest for the delegates to a contested national convention, he’s getting obliterated by Ted Cruz. It’s halftime in the hustle for loyal convention delegates. By the weekend, more than 1,300 will have been elected in county, state or congressional district elections or selected by local Republican leaders. So far, Cruz has consistently dominated these contests, securing slots for hundreds of loyalists to the convention in Cleveland in July. Trump, on the other hand, has consistently flopped. A Politico analysis suggests the mogul is headed for an even rougher second half, limiting his opportunities to survive a contested convention and dramatically raising the stakes of his quest to secure the nomination outright. Read more HERE

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