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Gay Marriage in Dixie

Gay Marriage in Dixie

By Hastings Wyman – What was the impact in the South of the US Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriages in all fifty states? The short answer is, not much. Many folks in the Bible Belt aren’t too keen on gay matrimony, but inasmuch as it’s not... read more

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America’s Political Elites Do as They Damn Well Please

By Matt Towery – We have a royal class in America. They are those who trot around as if they were billionaires, with security, administrative staffs, special meals, wonderful trips […]


GA Gov. Defends Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial

By Gary Reese – “Stone Mountain is set up and preserved by state law as a Confederate memorial. In fact, the law that changed the state flag expressly prohibited any changes […]

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NEWSVESTING™: Greek Tragedy Presents Potential Opportunity to Buy Hot Stocks

By Matt Towery – We all knew that Greece would default on its debt and leave a mess for the EU. And predictably, the Wall Street “bubble” traders reacted by dumping the good, […]


Jeb Bush to release 33 years of tax returns

By Politico Staff – Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who in February released a raft of emails from his years as Florida governor, on Tuesday will post 33 years of […]


Furl that Banner?

By Hastings Wyman – The murder in Charleston, South Carolina, of nine African Americans in an African Methodist Episcopal Church has created a resurgence of the effort to rem […]

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