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Setting the Tone and Turning the Page

Setting the Tone and Turning the Page

Going into the Democratic National Convention, one thing has become increasingly obvious – Georgia is in play, and the national party knows it. Circumstances have lined up perfectly to make our state a battleground in the presidential election this year.

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Trump courts backlash vote

By Hastings Wyman –

After Donald Trump finished his acceptance speech Thursday night, CNN’s panel of experts – all except the Trump supporters – couldn’t contain their anger, attacking the speech for its “dark tone” and its failure to reach beyond Trump’s base of supporters. Then came CNN’s instant poll on viewer reaction to the speech: 75% viewed the speech positively, with 56% saying they were more likely to vote for him after hearing the speech.


Instant Analysis: Trump Speech Draws Nationalistic Line in Sand

By Matt Towery –

In a speech that attempted to touch every possible political base, Donald J. Trump drew a literal nationalistic line in the sand during an impassioned acceptance speech of his party’s nomination in Cleveland Thursday night.

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump

Exclusive look at the Ted Cruz ‘Thank You’ event at the RNC Convention

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi held a ‘thank you’ event in Cleveland for many of their Republican supporters who volunteered for his Presidential bid. Watch the exclusive video below for an inside look at the event and a sneak peek at what the future may hold for the Conservative darling, (hint: 2020).


As Rio Approaches, Atlanta Looks Back On Its Own Games

By Baker Owens –

With the Rio Olympics less than three weeks away, many in Atlanta and Georgia are pondering the legacy of our own Olympics. On Saturday, Centennial Olympic Park hosted a “Relive the Dream” event for families and friends to celebrate the legacy and remember their own experiences. After a bit of a delay thanks to some summer thunderstorms, the event played host to Georgia Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, former Atlanta Mayor and Ambassador to the U.N. Andrew Young, the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) Chairman and CEO Billy Payne and long-time Atlanta-based band Banks and Shane.


The politics of violence

By Hastings Wyman –

The past several weeks have been wracked by ever more heinous acts of violence, both at home and abroad. Some are terrorist-inspired, others the outcome of racial tensions in this country. While the economy is almost always the overriding issue in presidential elections, the constant massacres affect more than the actual victims and their families. Television now puts these horrifying incidents directly into our living rooms and they affect all of us, creating near-permanent moods of sadness and anger.


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