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Poll: Trump leads Clinton by 2 in Florida

By Louis Nelson (Politico) –

A new poll puts Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by 2 percentage points in Florida, good news for the GOP nominee, whose campaign has been starved for positive headlines in recent weeks.


Watch the Georgia U.S. Senate debate

The Atlanta Press Club on Friday hosted a debate between Georgia’s three candidates for U.S. Senator – (incumbent) Republican Johnny Isakson, Demcorat Jim Barksdale, and Libertarian Allen Buckley.


The cruelest campaign: Republicans in Hispanic districts

By Rachel Bade (Politico) –

MIAMI — It was a rare feel-good moment in a vicious campaign: Flanked by House Speaker Paul Ryan in an elementary school this week, freshman GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo promoted a pet program to help children of immigrants in his Hispanic-heavy district learn English.


Will the Clinton avalanche engulf Dixie?

By Hastings Wyman –

With the election some two weeks away, a Democratic landslide grows more likely by the day. What’s more, even the Republican base in the South no longer seems immune. Polls show Hillary Clinton ahead in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, the once-swing states essential to a Trump victory. If that’s not enough, polls also show Clinton within striking distance in Georgia, South Carolina and Texas.

Why is the Space Industry the Next Film Industry?

By Bob Scaringe –
Ask any politician how Georgia does in the aerospace industry and you will hear a very positive answer like “great.” The truth is Georgia does great in the aeronautics side of aerospace– and the little known fact is Georgia does very poorly with the space side of the industry with less than 1/10 of 1 percent market share of a huge $330 billion space industry.

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