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South Carolina: Governor’s race will be a battle

South Carolina: Governor’s race will be a battle

By Hastings Wyman –

South Carolina has an incumbent governor, but as lieutenant governor, Henry McMaster acceded to the office upon the resignation of Gov. Nikki Haley (R), now Ambassador to the United Nations. As a result, other ambitious Republicans do not feel obligated to stand aside and give McMaster a free ride back into office. “There are a lot of South Carolina leaders waiting their turn to run,” says Charleston Mercury publisher Charles Waring, “and they are going to run.”

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Atlanta ponders marijuana decriminalization; Victory for Georgia brewers as SB 85 passes House

As the state legislature fights its own battles over the use of medical marijuana by Georgians, the Atlanta City Council is preparing for its own vote on decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana within city limits.


Democrats gripped by special election performance anxiety

By Gabriel Debendetti (Politico) –

Money is flooding into Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign. The national party has started running focus groups on his behalf. Thousands of volunteers have flocked to his team to help him win his April special election for a vacant Atlanta-area congressional seat.


March Madness on Campus and in the Courts; Remembering When We Defeated Georgia Tech

By Orit Kwasman & Ruth Malhotra

College basketball’s March Madness officially started Thursday, but this month’s stories of campus controversies have already been lighting up the scoreboard. A renowned conservative scholar and liberal professor are shouted down and physically abused by a mob. Students are caught on camera openly admitting to double standards when it comes to religious freedom.


South Carolina: Mulvaney vacancy draws 15 hopefuls

By Hastings Wyman –

Seven Republicans have filed to run for the 5th District congressional seat left vacant when Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) resigned to become director of President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget. Three Democrats have also filed in this heavily Republican district. In addition, three Libertarians are running, and one each from the American, Constitution and Green Parties. The primaries will be held on May 2, with runoffs, if needed, on May 16. The General Election is set for June 20.


See Hastings Wyman’s speech on changes in Southern politics

Last week Southern Political Report Publisher Emeritus gave a speech in Tallahassee on the changes in Southern politics over the past half-century. From Strom Thurmond to Donald Trump and beyond, Wyman mixes his signature humor with a substantive dialogue that traces the evolution of politics in the South.

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