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Florida officials flag a possible violation of elections law by state Democrats

Florida officials flag a possible violation of elections law by state Democrats

The Florida Department of State, which oversees elections, has asked federal prosecutors to look into faulty forms sent to voters in at least four counties that may have caused them to miss the deadline for fixing problems with their mail-in ballots. Emails released by the Department show that the forms appear to have been sent by the state Democratic Party.

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Georgia Libertarian Party – R.I.P.

As a Libertarian I find myself always confronted with a conundrum come election day: Should I vote for the Libertarian Party candidate who more closely aligns with my convictions or vote for the lesser of two evils– usually a Republican– who stands a chance of winning. Well, thanks to the choices and results in this mid-term election, this will no longer be an issue for me to grapple with in Georgia.

FL Captiol

‘Incompetence’: Broward election chief likely to be forced from office by Scott, DeSantis

By Marc Caputo (Politico) –

MIAMI — Counting unlawful votes. Destroying ballots. Sunshine Law violations. Busted deadlines.

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former state representative Stacey Abrams stands ready to face off with Stacey Evans in a debate Tuesday, May 15, 2018, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Amis)

A Georgia Post-Mortem: GOP & Democrat wins

After county elections officials counted and reported absentee ballots for Tuesday’s election, Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp led Democrat Stacey Abrams by 1.6 percent— more than 64,000 votes.


Here’s what a recount in Florida would look like

Recounts are the talk of Florida politics today, with the races for U.S. Senate and Florida Agriculture Commissioner — as well as a smattering of smaller races — all within a razor-thin margin.


A Divided Dixie

It is no longer the Solid South, for either party. Southern voters kept Republican US Senate seats in GOP hands and, assuming Rick Scott’s (R) lead holds in Florida, defeated a long-time incumbent, US Sen. Bill Nelson (D).

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