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Paul courts African Americans at Urban League

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), as part of a methodical effort to reach out to voters beyond the Republican base, will use a speech Friday to the National Urban League to unveil a major push on education reform, which he said will include “school choice, vouchers, charter schools, you name it — I think we need innovation.”
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Group gathers to celebrate statewide ballot with five African-American women

By Morris News Service

ATLANTA -- Several black women, including elected officials and community leaders, gathered Wednesday to discuss how Georgia will make history in November. For the first time in the state and nation, five African-American women will be on a statewide ballot. 
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Around the South
Florida, South Carolina, & Dixie Cities

Florida: Crist has narrow lead over Scott. The latest Quinnipiac Poll, released yesterday, showed former Gov. Charlie Crist (D) with 39%, incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R) with 37%, and Libertarian Adrian Wyllie with 9%. Crist’s lead is down from Quinnipiac’s April survey, which he led with 48% to Scott’s 38%. Neither of the major party candidates has a favorable rating. Scott gets a 48% unfavorable to 43% favorable, while Crist gets 42% unfavorable to 40% unfavorable. Wylie is largely unknown to votes.


South Carolina: Haley leads Sheheen. It’s 53% for Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) to 40% for state Sen. Vincent Sheheen (D), according to a poll taken for Charleston’s Post & Courier and ABC News 4, released Tuesday. If two minor candidates are included, it’s significantly closer, with 46% for Haley, 42% for, when Libertarian Steve French and independent Tom Ervin were included. Haley’s job approval is 48% to 41% who disapprove of her performance in office. Haley wins white voters by 59% to 28%; Sheheen won non-whites by 81% to 9%.


Zippity-do-dah: Dixie cities happier than Northern ones. A survey of residents of metropolitan areas with one million or more population, published yesterday on AOL, found that nine of the ten happiest cities were in the South. Richmond-St. Petersburg, VA was the happiest, followed by eight more Southern cities. In 10th place was Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon, NJ. Moreover, only one of the ten unhappiest cities was in the South: Louisville, KY. All nine of the others were Yankee urban areas. The unhappiest? New York City.

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