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EPD director advises delay on buffer rules

Walter Jones

ATLANTA -- The director of the Environmental Protection Division advised waiting Tuesday before the state revises rules for buffers around bodies of water in light of a recent decision against the state by the Court of Appeals. 
Jud Turner told the Board of Natural Resources that his agency has asked the State Supreme Court to overturn the Appeals Court's 4-3 decision since two lower-court judges agreed with EPD's position. A delay also gives the General Assembly the chance to act. 
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Challenge against ALS catches on in Georgia's health community

By Morris News Service

ATLANTA -- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis hasn't had this much attention since baseball legend Lou Gehrig died of the disease in 1941. 
The Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money to fight ALS has dominated social media since July. Videos of the frigid baths have popped up everywhere. 
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Around the South
Oklahoma, Florida, & South Carolina

Oklahoma: Russell, McAffrey win runoffs. In the runoffs to choose nominees to fill the congressional seat of US Rep. James Lankford (R) in Oklahoma’s 5th District (Oklahoma City, etc.), on the GOP side, state Sen. Steve Russell, with 59%, defeated Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas, with 41%. For the Democrats, state Sen. Al McAffrey beat retired professor Tom Guild by 54% to 46%. Of note: 19,200 voted in the Democratic runoff, 32,700 in the Republican runoff. The GOP is expected to hold the seat in November.
Florida: Curbelo wins primary. In Florida’s 26th District (Miami, etc.), Carlos Curbelo, a member of the Miami-Dade School Board, easily won the Republican congressional primary, with 47% of the vote in a 5-candidate race. Former US Rep. David Rivera (R) finished fourth with 8%. The November race between Curbelo and freshman US Rep. Joe Garcia (D) is expected to be hard-fought, and costly.
South Carolina: Perry indictment has legs. “Recently indicted Texas Governor Rick Perry is coming to South Carolina to fundraise with Nikki Haley!” is the headline on an email fundraising solicitation from the South Carolina Democratic Party. “Birds of a feather flock together right?” asks the email, then goes on to say that Perry “was recently indicted for political bribery and coercion,” a partisan description of Perry’s efforts, legal or otherwise, to remove a DUI-convicted prosecuting attorney from office. Haley faces a stiff challenge from state Sen. Vincent Sheheen (D).

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