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9/2/2014 — Eric Cantor joins Wall Street bank

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is joining the Wall Street firm Moelis & Co., the firm announced on Tuesday.

“Eric has proven himself to be a pro-business advocate and one who will enhance our boardroom discussions with CEOs and senior management as we help them navigate their most important strategic decisions,” the firm’s founder, Ken Moelis said in a statement.

9/2/2014 — Hastings Wyman: Virginia: Does Gillespie have a shot?
The short answer is No. The last four polls averaged by RealClearPolitics.com show incumbent US Sen. Mark Warner (D) with 52% to 33% for Ed Gillespie, his Republican challenger. As for money, which – if there’s enough – can sometimes close the gap, it also favors Warner. At midyear, Warner had raised $9,816,000, with $8,915,000 cash-on-hand; Gillespie raised $4,111,000, with $3,112,000 on hand.


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