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At-Risk Democrats Out Raising GOPers

By Hastings Wyman
Southern Political Report

July 29, 2013

For the second quarter in a row, Southern Democratic US House members elected with 55% or less of the vote in 2012 have substantially outraised the South’s Republicans who are similarly vulnerable. For the first half of 2013, the six at-risk Democrats raised an average of $726,000 and had an average of cash-on-hand of $608,000. The eleven at-risk Republican representatives raised $432,000 – almost $300,000 less, on average – and had $333,000 on hand. The numbers are based on the 2nd Quarter Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports.


Although the vulnerable GOPers still have substantially less cash than their Democratic counterparts, they are in relatively better shape than they were in the 1st Quarter. At mid-year, at-risk Republicans had raised on average 60% as much money as the Democrats and had 55% as much cash in their war chests. This is somewhat better than the end of the 1st Quarter, when the vulnerable Republicans had raised only half as much money as the Democrats, and had only 46% as much cash on hand.


The top three money-raisers among the vulnerable representatives were all Democrats. At the top was freshman Patrick Murphy (FL), who raised $1,089,000 and reported $1,034,000 cash-on-hand, followed by Joe Garcia, another Florida freshman, and four-term John Barrow (GA). You have to get down to fourth place to find a Republican, Kentucky freshman Andy Barr, who raised $730,000 in the first half of the year and had $580,000 on hand. In fifth place was three-term Floridian Vern Buchanan (R).


Bringing up the rear were freshman Randy Weber (TX) for the GOP), with $219,000 raised and $172,000 on hand, and eight-term Mike McIntyre (NC) for the Democrats, with $371,000 raised ad $383,000 on hand.


Money isn’t everything, as some wag once put it, but it’s way ahead of whatever is in second place. That’s not entirely true in politics, but it’s sure better to be well-funded when the hot and heavy campaigns begin toward the end of next year. And for now, it is the Democrats who are in better shape to survive the well-funded challenges that are sure to come to the way of all members with relatively close victories last go-round.


Southern US House members elected in 2012 with 55% or less of the vote
                                                            Jan thru July                On hand

Patrick Murphy (FL18)                     $1,089,000                 $1,034,000        
Lois Frankel (FL22)                               509,000                      282,000        

Joe Garcia (FL26)                                  991,000                      801,000                    
John Barrow (GA12)                             920,000                      829,000                    
Mike McIntyre (NC7)                            371,000                      383,000
Pete Gallego (TX23)                              477,000                      321,000

Average/D                                           $726,000                    $608,000


Tim Griffin (AR2)                              $533,000                     $447,000        
Steve Southerland (FL2)                      519,000                       477,000          
Daniel Webster (FL10)                         281,000                       219,000        
Vern Buchanan (FL16)                         624,000                       499,000        
Andy Barr (KY6)                                 730,000                       580,000        
Richard Hudson (NC8)                        444,000                       278,000        
Robert Pittenger (NC9)                        309,000                       106,000        
Tom Rice (SC7)                                    385,000                       311,000          
Randy Weber (TX14)                           219,000                       172,000
Scott Rigell (VA2)                                395,000                       280,000        

Robert Hurt (VA5)                               308,000                       292,000        

Average/R                                           $432,000                     $333,000                    


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