Florida, Alabama, & Georgia

Florida: Scott proposes $1 billion in tax cuts. In a two-week tour of the state that began Monday, Gov. Rick Scott (R) is promising that in his second term he will propose to the legislature tax reductions amounting to $1 billion. The cuts would include a ceiling on property tax hikes of homesteads that have lost value or remained level. He will also propose a reduction in automobile tag fees. All of the cuts will have to be approved by the legislature, which – though controlled by Republicans – “previously has been lukewarm”, says the Miami Herald, to some of the governor’s tax reduction proposals.


Alabama: Sessions demands 2016 nominee stand firm on immigration. US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) says that the GOP’s next presidential nominee must support securing America’s borders and enforcing its immigration laws. “We have every right to demand of our candidates where they stand on this issue,” he said on Mark Levin’s radio talk show; “And if they are incorrect, they don’t need to get the nomination of the Republican Party.” Sessions’ remarks were reported in westernjournalism.com.


Georgia: Isakson backs Obama on Syrian surveillance. “I’m proud the president is sending drones over to Syria now,” US Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) told the Gwinnett County Rotary Club, “and I’m pleased it looks like we’re making plans to go after ISIS in Syria.” Isakson added, “What they’re trying to do is get enough passports with visa waiver that they can get terrorists into the United States to attack us.” Isakson’s remarks were reported in wabe.org.