The Senate, Louisiana, & South Carolina

The Senate: South may determine control. The Hill, one of the influential newspapers distributed on Capitol Hill, puts in bluntly: :If Republicans can sweep the South, they’ve already won a Senate majority.” That means holding on to GOP seats in Georgia and Kentucky, which looks likely, and winning Democratic seats in Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina, which is much less certain. The Hill gives the edge to Republican Tom Cotton in Arkansas over US Sen. Mark Pryor (D), doesn’t forecast Louisiana, and says US Sen. Kay Hagan (D) is looking more like a winner in North Carolina. Stay tuned.


Louisiana: Jindal predicts Landrieu loss. Coming on the heels of published speculation that he was avoiding campaigning for the GOP in Louisiana’s US Senate race, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) told a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington that Landrieu “could lose in November,” but that if the race goes to a runoff, it “would be very bad” for her. “She can’t hide [from her record], especially in a December runoff with the entire focus of the nation on her election,” reports The Hill.


South Carolina: Haley has widest lead yet. It’s 56% for Gov. Nikki Haley (R) to 35% for Vincent Sheheen (D) in a YouGov/New York Times/CBS News poll taken August 18-September 2. Nine percent were undecided and 1% favored third-party candidates. While Haley’s 21-point lead is her best yet, in 2010 she led Sheheen by double-digits a month before the election and won by a slimmer 4.5%. Nevertheless, the poll is a boost to her campaign.