North Carolina, Louisiana, & South Carolina

North Carolina: CBC boosts Hagan. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) traveled by bus to the Tar Heel State yesterday to encourage African Americans to vote in the November election. It is the first of a number of CBC campaign stops around the nation, including in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana, along with contacts to some 3,000 black churches, on behalf of Democratic candidates. The visit coincides with a radio spot Hagan is airing on black radio stations, reports Raleigh’s News & Observer.


Louisiana: Education Secretary Duncan criticizes Jindal. US Secretary of State Arne Duncan last week criticized Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) for bringing a lawsuit to void Common Core education standards, which set out benchmarks for what students should know after completing each grade. “Take politics out. Take presidential ambitions out. Let’s just do the right thing for children,” said Duncan, reports Jindal was an early supporter of the standards, but later changed his mind.


South Carolina: Club for Growth endorses a Democrat. For the first time in its history, South Carolina’s Club for Growth, a group of fiscal conservatives, has endorsed a Democrat. The group announced its support for Ginny Deerin, the Democratic nominee for secretary of state, because she wants to cut the office’s budget, reduce its fees and make it an appointive, not an elected, position. Deerin is challenging 12-year incumbent Mark Hammond.