Virginia, Florida, & Texas

Virginia: Warner still strong. It’s 51% for US Sen. Mark Warner (D) to 39% for challenger Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, while Libertarian Robert Sarvis had 3%, reports the Washington Times. The poll was taken by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University. While Gillespie has made gains among undecided voters, Warner’s support is broadly distributed. He leads in every region of the state as well as among independents and moderates, and has “meaningful shares among Republicans and ideological conservatives,” says Dr. Quentin Kidd, director of the Wason Center.


Florida: Medical marijuana in trouble? In September, a WFLA/SurveyUSA poll showed that Amendment 2, legalizing pot for medical purposes, was supported by 56% of voters, reports A poll by the same firm released Tuesday of this week showed support was down to 51%, with 33% opposed. Since 60% is needed to pass an amendment, the proposal may fail. Of interest: Among voters 34 and younger, 62% favor the amendment, while only 20% oppose it. Among seniors, 65 and over, a key group in Florida, 52% oppose it, 34% favor it. Democrats favor medical marijuana by 64% to 19%, while Republicans oppose it by 52% to 33%.


Texas: Cruz to propose anti-gay marriage amendment. US Sen. Ted Cruz (R) is planning to introduce a constitutional amendment after the 2014 elections that would prohibit courts or the federal government from overruling state marriage laws. The amendment would nullify the US Supreme Court’s decision this week that allowed lower courts to overturn state bans on same-sex marriage, reports Time magazine had reported that most GOP presidential candidates hoped the decision would be the end of the issue, which is problematic for Republicans in some states. However, Cruz isn’t about to let the issue go gentle into that good night.