Kentucky, North Carolina, & Charity

Kentucky: McConnell in trouble in the Senate? A front-page article in The Hill suggests that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) could lose his job as the GOP leader if the Republicans fail to capture a majority in the Senate. Pragmatic GOPers doubt the wisdom of his strategy of solid Republican opposition to Democratic proposals, while conservatives believe he has been “too accommodating” to the Democrats. But one Republican senator said, “Win or lose, it’s going to be Mitch. Who else is there?”


North Carolina: Supreme Court okays voting law. The US Supreme Court yesterday ruled that voting laws passed by the North Carolina legislature could go into effect for the November 4 elections. These include the elimination of same-day registration and declining to count ballots cast in the wrong precinct. The state’s photo-ID law was not included, as it is not scheduled to be enforced this year.


Charity: Southerners give more. Utah residents give more to charity than those of any other state, but the next three high-giving states are Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Moreover, four of the five cities that had the most generous citizens were in the South: Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta and Nashville. The reason? Religious people, found more often in the South, give more to charity, speculates the Washington Post. Of interest: The top-giving 17 states all voted for Romney in 2012.