Texas, Florida, & Georgia

Texas: Cruz won’t commit to McConnell. US Sen. Ted Cruz (R), the titular leader of the GOP’s Hard Right, said he will not commit to reelecting US Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as Senate Majority Leader if the Republicans take control of the Senate, reports the Washington Post. The Post said Cruz wants a GOP-led Senate “conservative and confrontational” as the Republican House, particularly going all-out to repeal “Obamacare.”

Florida: Rubio pitches Republican Senate. In his last effort to secure GOP control of the US Senate, US Sen. Marco Rubio (R) sent an email to his “Restore American PAC” proclaiming the need for change. “Barack Obama and Harry Reid have made our nation less safe and less prosperous.” He specifically mentioned Republican US Senate candidates “like Scott Brown in New Hampshire, Tom Cotton in Arkansas, Joni Ernst in Iowa, and Cory Gardner in Colorado” as like winners.

Georgia: More black early voting this year. Early voting by African Americans in the Peach State is up 13% over 2010. White early voters, by contrast, decreased by 7% over four years ago, reports Jim Galloway in the Journal-Constitution. White early ballots accounted for 67% of the total in 2010, but were 62% this year; black ahead-of-time ballots were 29% in 2010, but 33% this year.