FLorida, Kentucky, & Georgia


Florida: Rubio opposes Obama Internet plan. US Sen. Marco Rubio (R), a potential presidential candidate, quickly came out against President Obama’s calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement “Internet neutrality,” reports Sunshine State News. The President asked the FCC to “implement the strongest possible rules” to guarantee access to the internet, including a ban on blocking or slowing down Internet access. Such policies are now left in the hands of private companies. Rubio, however, contended that Obama’s “support for more government regulation of the Internet threatens to restrict Internet growth and increase costs” on users.

Kentucky: Paul has 2016 problem. Continued Democratic control of Kentucky’s House of Representatives means that the legislature will not change the state law requiring that a person’s name not appear on the ballot for two different offices. That means that US Sen. Rand Paul (R) would have to give up his Senate seat if he should run for president. However, Paul’s backers may support changing the Kentucky presidential primary to a March caucus, meaning he could run for the US Senate and pursue a presidential bid, reports National Public Radio.

Georgia: Deal indicates second term goals. Promising little in the way of what the Journal & Constitution deems “bells and whistles,” Gov. Nathan Deal (R) said he believes Georgians want “a steady hand” to deal with problems realistically. His likely goals include reforming the state tax structure to keep taxes low and attract industry and jobs, updating of the 30-year-old formula for funding schools, continuing his reform of the state’s criminal justice system, and remaking the state ethics commission, “an agency that has for years been a political thorn in his side,” says the J&C.