Texas, North Carolina, & Virginia

Texas: Bush 43 writes about Bush 41. Former President George W. Bush introduced his new book, “41: A Portrait of My Father,” at his father’s presidential library in College Station, Texas. The younger Bush quipped that he “surprised people in parts of our country that I can write, much less read.” He called his biography of his 90-year-old father “a love story about an extraordinary man I’ve been blessed to call my father.” He also noted that both he and his father thought Jeb Bush ought to run for president.

North Carolina: Cooper pushes nonpartisan redistricting. State Attorney General Roy Cooper (D), a likely candidate for governor in 2016, said advocated a non-partisan commission to draw up legislative and congressional districts instead of the current system, reports the News & Observer. Cooper said such a commission would provide “more sensible districts.” Meanwhile, veteran political journalist, in an analysis of this year’s elections in the state, acknowledged that Democrats had helped themselves in the past when redistricting, but “The Republicans, however, are the Picasso’s of gerrymandering, aided by increasingly sophisticated computer programs and redistricting experts.”

Virginia: Warner campaign knew race was close. In an interview with the Washington Post, David Hallock, an advisor to US Sen. Mark Warner’s (D) reelection campaign, said toward the end, their polls showed the race would be close, but they kept that to themselves so national Republicans wouldn’t get tipped off and pour last minute money into Ed Gillespie’s (R) campaign. Hallock said, “The real lack of energy and enthusiasm [around the state] really was palpable.” In the Gillespie campaign, their polling data was three weeks old. They could tell they had momentum from the enthusiasm of their crowds, but you can’t take that to the bank.