How the Democrats Lost Texas

How the Democrats Lost Texas

By Wayne Thorbun (Politico) –

While Texans have always welcomed newcomers, they have never liked invasions. They didn’t like it when Santa Anna did it in 1835. They didn’t like it when the Yankees did it during the Civil War and Reconstruction. And it’s pretty clear from the midterm election results that they definitely didn’t like it when Jeremy Bird and his team of Obama organizers known as “Battleground Texas” did it in 2013.

Two weeks ago, Democrats took a walloping in Texas. Wendy Davis, the Lone Star State’s Democratic star a year ago, got just 38.9 percent of the vote—some 283,000 votes fewer than the party’s gubernatorial candidate four years ago and 200,000 less than Democratic Texas Gov. Ann Richards obtained in her losing re-election effort nearly two decades before that. Even more disappointing: Davis got more votes and a higher percentage of the vote than any of the other 11 Democratic candidates on the statewide ballot.

Yes, it was a bad year for Democrats across the country, but you can’t blame the GOP landslide in Texas purely on President Obama, the Islamic State and the “national mood.” Why did Battleground Texas—so sure a year ago that it could make the Sunbelt state competitive for Democrats—fail? Is the possibility of a purple Texas gone forever? Was it ever really there?

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