November 24th, 2014 – TN, VA

Tennessee: Haslam to head GOP governors. Although he’s considered low-key (but effective) and relatively non-partisan within the Volunteer State, Gov. Bill Haslam (R) has been picked as the 2015 chairman of the Republican Governors Association. Although Politico praised Haslam, it headlined its story of his new role, “But is he too nice?” The public, however, may be ready for nice.

Virginia: Kaine backs Hillary. US Sen. Tim Kaine (D), who made history in 2007 when, as Virginia’s governor, he became the first Southern statewide officeholder to endorse Barack Obama for president, has authored an email seeking signatures from voters who support Hillary Clinton in 2016. “Hillary’s the partner I know I’ll want to be working with in the White House…” said Kaine. “That’s why I’m working with Ready for Hillary.”

Virginia again: Not so fast, Tim Kaine! A fellow Virginian, former US Sen. Jim Webb (D), announced last week that he’s forming an exploratory committee to consider a presidential bid. That allows him to raise funds for a potential White House run. Webb, who is somewhat of a maverick (the Democrats’ Rand Paul), served as secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan before he became a Democrat and ran for the US Senate. In his YouTube announcement, Webb called for “a leadership environment where people from both political parties… work together for the common good,” reports the Washington Post.