Around the South for December 3, 2014 – LA, D.C., & FL

Louisiana: Landrieu, Cassidy argue over LSU payments. Over a period of five years, Bill Cassidy (R), a current US Senate candidate, received some $24,000 from Louisiana StateUniversity while he was in Congress. US Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) says he “may” have been paid for services not provided. Cassidy says he stayed on the LSU payroll to provide medical services (he’s a doctor) in the mornings before he flew to Washington to vote and that he supervised other doctors in Washington. He said, she said.

Washington: Conservatives oppose Bush. Old-line members of the GOP’s hard right are expressing strong opposition to any presidential bid by former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R). In a report in the Washington Examiner, direct mail guru Richard Viguerie, long-time activist and author Phyllis Schlafly, and radio host Mark Levin all criticized Bush. “Jeb is a very good moderate Democrat,” said Levin.

Florida: Poll shows how Scott won. Gov. Rick Scott (R) won his narrow victory (48% to 47%) by running strong among Cuban-Americans (65%) and stronger than expected among Puerto Ricans (40%). He also won 52% of seniors and 52% of males. Crist was strong among women, 50% to 44% for Scott.