Around the South for Dec. 15: TX, VA & KY

Texas: Will oil price plunge hurt Perry? Gov. Rick Perry (R) has spent the last two years reinventing himself as presidential timber. One of his main talking points has been the booming Lone Star State economy. Much of that prosperity, including lots of jobs, has been related to a major worldwide demand for oil, a demand that has meant more drilling, more drilling rig order and repairs, and the salaries paid to the skilled workers making all this happen. With oil prices tanking, however, unemployment in Texas may rise. If so, it will take the shine off Perry’s White House prospects ……. Virginia: McAuliffe proposing new gun laws. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) will send to the legislature a package of new restrictions on gun ownership in Virginia, reports the Washington Post. The proposed curbs will include requiring background checks for gun purchasers at gun shows, a ban on sales to those convicted of crimes of domestic violence, a renewal of the state’s one-gun-purchase-a-month limit, and revoking concealed handgun permits for those behind on child support payments ……. Kentucky: Rand Paul files bill to void Obama’s immigration orders. US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a likely presidential contender, has introduced a bill that would revoke President Obama’s executive orders on immigration, reports the Courier-Journal. “The President is not a king and he does not have the power to enact laws then execute his own laws,” Paul said in a statement. The bill is a companion to US Rep. Ted Yoho’s (R-FL) bill that passed the House.