Around the South for Jan. 7: KY, MS & AL

Kentucky: McConnell favors “regular” legislative process. New Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) told the Wall Street Journal that he will restore the regular order in the Senate, which means that legislation can be debated and amended on the Senate floor, rather than have it determined by the Senate leadership. “Restoring the Senate to a place where legislation is debated and voted on … is a priority for Senator McConnell,” a spokesman for McConnell told the Washington Post ……. Mississippi: Bryant agenda includes tax cut. Despite increased spending for community college scholarships, tourism advertising and a pay raise for the highway patrol, Gov. Phil Bryant (R) will propose a tax cut for low and moderate income Mississippians, he said in an Associated Press interview widely published in Mississippi ……. Alabama: Bentley views “Selma.” Last night, Gov. Robert Bentley (R) was scheduled to attend an early viewing of the movie “Selma,” about the 1965 voting rights march in Alabama. The Alabama Film Office has worked to increase movie-making in the state, resulting in 25 movies and 10 reality shows being filmed in the state. Btw, residents of Selma get to see the movie free …….