Around the South for Feb. 16: SC, FL & GA

South Carolina: Kasich to visit GOPers. Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) will visit the Palmetto State Thursday and Friday this week, meeting with state Republican officials as well as holding at least one public event. Kasich, a potential presidential candidate, will be making his first visit to an early primary state, reports The Hill. His trip is being organized by Balanced Budget Forever, a group associated with Kasich, who backs a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget ……. Florida: Voters like where state is headed, but not their governor. According to a Quinnipiac poll released last week, 59% of Floridians say the economy is good or excellent, to 38% who say it’s not so good or poor. And by 53% to 39%, they say the Sunshine State is headed in the right direction. But by 47% to 42%, voters disapprove of Gov. Rick Scott (R). Go figure ……. Georgia: Perdue to vote no on Lynch. Freshman US Sen. David Perdue (R) announced last week that he will vote against confirmation of Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s choice for attorney general, reports the Albany Herald. “I am not confident she will defend the Constitution, especially when the president seeks to abuse his power,” Perdue said.