Two sides to the story on global warming skeptics

Two sides to the story on global warming skeptics

By Phil Kent –

Democrats have launched a campaign of harassment against prominent researchers who disagree with their liberal line about a supposed global warming “danger.” U.S. Rep, Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., has written to seven universities about seven researchers who have raised questions. One of the targets is Steven Hayward, an author and academic at Pepperdine University. As Hayward phrases it, his tormentors are demanding to know: “Are you now or have you ever been a climate skeptic?”

Grijalva’s letters were prompted by accusations that Wei-Hock Soon, a scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics whose work has been critical of the liberal “global warming consensus,” hasn’t fully disclosed support for his research from energy interests– including the Atlanta-based Southern Company.  InsiderAdvantage research, however, uncovers a glaring double standard in regard to this witch hunt.

Soon is being attacked because of the recent paper he co-authored with Lord Monckton, David Legates and William Briggs titled “Why Models Run Hot.” None of the authors received a penny from any source anywhere for this paper. Yet critics jab Soon for funding he has received for other work, which is irrelevant.

On his blog, Briggs has a series of posts on his correspondence with various journalists regarding this topic. The liberal journalists are all obsessed with Soon’s funding, and never ask any questions whatsoever about the substance of the article. Typically, the worst of these are Justin Gillis of the New York Times and Chris Mooney of the Washington Post.

These attacks all overlook the point that the federal government and environmental Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) fund a huge amount of research the reporters find congenial and therefore do not attack based on funding sources.

In addition, oil and gas interests contribute large amounts of money to environmental NGOs. Chesapeake Energy gave the Sierra Club $26 million to attack coal. Shell and BP & Chevron give many millions to radical environmental NGOs to sponsor left-wing conferences. There has been a recent story in the Washington Free Beacon indicating that Russian oil oligarchs were laundering money through Bermudan entities to fund environmentalist NGOs like the Sierra Club and the left-wing National Resources Defense Council.

InsiderAdvantage just want readers to know “the rest of the story” as to why researchers like Soon have been suddenly attacked and how the Southern Company was unfairly linked to the story.