Around the South for Apr. 2: AR, Poll, KY

Arkansas: Hutchinson wants HB1228 amended. Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) yesterday called on the legislature to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to bring it in line with Federal law. Noting that his own son signed a petition to have him veto the measure, Hutchinson said he wanted “to make it clear that Arkansas wants to be a place of tolerance,” reported the Arkansas Democratic Gazette. State Rep. Bob Ballinger (R), sponsor of the bill, said, “We’re going to get everything worked out.” ……. Poll shows split on Religious Freedom laws. According to a Rasmussen Reports nationwide survey, 53% of likely voters oppose a law like that in Indiana and many Southern states that allows discrimination, based on religious grounds, against gay people. On the other hand, 70% believe a Christian photographer who is opposed to same-sex marriage has a right to turn down a job taking pictures at a gay wedding ……. Kentucky: Minimum wage top issue. A survey of Bluegrass voters, taken last month by SurveyUSA and reported by Stateside Associates, found that the number one issue in this election year was raising the minimum wage, followed by tax reform, fixing teachers’ Pension Fund, and Right to Work …….