Around the South for Apr. 9: Iran, Ukraine & TX

Iran: Southern Dems support deal review. There are only three Democratic US Senators from the South and two of them are among the nine Democratic senators supporting the Corker-Menendez bill that would require congressional review of the final Iran nuclear agreement. Sens. Bill Nelson (FL) and Tim Kaine (VA) have agreed to support the measure, while US Sen. Mark Warner (VA) is undecided, reports The Hill …….Ukraine: Texan blasts Obama’s inaction. On his return from a trip to the Ukraine, US Rep. John Carter (R-TX), in a op-ed in The Hill, noted that “Like a butcher, Russia is severing Ukraine from its vital coal, weapons and steel resources” on its Eastern border. “Time and again, we see this administration fail miserably to appropriately confront and contain aggression.” Carter did not advocate war, but said, “Right now Obama can and should supply training for the Ukrainian army and weapons that can be used to halt aggression.” ……. Texas: Cruz in the money. ‘[A] cluster of affiliated super-political action committees” are expected to have $31 million in the bank for Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign by the end of this week, says Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, as reported in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution. “Cruz’s haul is eye-popping … There are no known cases in which an operation backing a White House hopeful has collected this much money in less than a week.” …….