Around the South for Apr. 29: KY, NC & FL

Kentucky: Paul defends Obama on drone strike. Despite his past opposition on the use of drones on US soil, likely presidential candidate Rand Paul, appearing on “Fox and Friends,” supported the President’s use of the drone strike in Yemen, which killed two hostages, calling it a “difficult situation.” Paul added, “There is a valuable use for drones, and as much as I’m seen as an opponent of drones, in military and warfare, they do have some value,” reports The Hill ……. North Carolina: Folks oppose ‘religious freedom’ law. When asked whether they approved of a law that would allow business owners to deny services to gays or lesbians, 63% of respondents said they did not, with majorities among Democrats, women and young people. However, 51% of Republicans agree with the law. When asked what caused the Civil War, which ended 150 years ago, 43% said states’ rights, 42% said slavery ……. Florida: LeMieux would bring strengths to Senate race. George LeMieux (R) served in the US Senate for less than a year and a half, but if he runs next year, he would have some advantages. When he ran for the Senate nomination in 2010, he “showed a gift for political attacks,” wrote Jeff Henderson in Sunshine State News, adding that LeMieux would have to explain his past connection to now-Democrat Charlie Crist, who appointed him to the Senate, but he also has strong ties to a number of Republicans in Florida …….