Around the South for Apr30: OK, LA & FL

Oklahoma: Fallin gives business bigger role on economic development panel. Gov. Mary Fallin signed legislation this week giving the business community a majority on the Governor’s Council on Workforce and Economic Development. The Council is a key part of Fallin’s “Oklahoma Works” program, which “is about getting students and adults the tools and skills they need to find great careers,” Fallin said, reports the Edmond Sun ……. Louisiana: Cassidy tears up over Deepwater Horizon explosion victims. Last week, in a Senate speech commemorating the fifth anniversary of the explosion of an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, freshman US Sen. Bill Cassidy (R) became emotional when talking about the eleven people whose lives were lost in the tragedy. “These were just people we grew up with,” Cassidy said, reports The Advocate; “So I apologize for being emotional, but these are our neighbors.” ……. Florida: Rubio, Bush soldier on. US Sen. Marco Rubio signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s pledge promising that he would “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes.” Grover Norquist, the group’s president, noted that Rubio “signed and kept the Pledge” when he was in the Florida legislature, reports The Hill. And in furtherance of his presidential hopes, former Gov. Jeb Bush spent time this week in Puerto Rico, not because the UScommonwealth has that many Republican delegates, but to send a message to the increasing number of voters from the island who have moved to Florida and vote there, says the Washington Post …….