Mitch McConnell unplugged

Mitch McConnell unplugged

By Manu Raju (Politico) –

Four months into his tenure as majority leader, Mitch McConnell says don’t expect any legacy-making deal with Barack Obama in the final stretch of his presidency.

“This is not Reagan or Clinton,” McConnell told POLITICO Thursday. Obama “is not a guy who easily goes to the middle. And there’s no indication since the elections that he wants to go to the middle.”

“I hope this will be a Congress of significant accomplishment,” McConnell added. “I don’t think it’s going to be of huge accomplishment.”

In an unusually blunt interview in his Capitol office, the Senate majority leader said he’s concluded the chances of striking a major agreement with Obama on tax reform or raising the eligibility age on entitlements are nil. So McConnell said he’s setting his sights on smaller but still tangible accomplishments — reforming how the Senate functions and passing bills on trade, education, surveillance, Iran and cybersecurity that members of both sides parties agree on.
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