Around the South for May 8: AL, GA & NC

Alabama: Sessions raises “fast track” questions. US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) wrote a letter to President Obama this week noting that details of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would be “a closely-guarded secret,” reports, and asked for information that the Senate should have before voting on “fast track” authority for the White House. Among the questions: Will the TPP increase or reduce the US trade deficit with countries involved? Will TPP increase or reduce the number of manufacturing jobs in this country? ……. Georgia: Deal signs $900 million transportation bill. Gov. Nathan Deal (R) this week signed into law legislation that provides funds to repair the state’s transportation infrastructure. The measure raises gasoline taxes six cents a gallon, imposes a $200 fee on electric vehicles, and adds a $5 per-night tax on hotel rooms. “Each day, Georgians set out in the pursuit of a brighter future,” Deal said in a statement published in the GwinneTt Daily Post, “and it is our roads and bridges that bear the weight of our success.” ……. North Carolina: State has $400 million surplus. The Tar Heel State will bring in some $400 million more in revenue than it spends, not the $270 million deficit officials had forecast in February, reports the News & Observer. The surplus was due to higher income tax payments and lower refunds …….