Around the South for May 11: SC, KY & FL

South Carolina: Scott calls for police body cameras. Joining a chorus of Republican lawmakers who are taking notice of the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police, US Sen. Tim Scott (R), who is African-American, is promoting federal legislation to push the use of body cameras for police officers. ‘[I]f you see a consistent pattern that is not in one city, and not in one state, but is nationwide … does that provide a federal nexus to helping? … My answer is yes,” Scott said, Politico reported. Scott noted that studies indicate the use of force declines when cameras are present ……. KY/VA: Paul, Scott team up on criminal justice reform. US Rep. Bobby Scott (VA), a black Democrat, and US Sen. Rand Paul (KY), a white Republican, are working together to pass legislation that will change the nation’s criminal justice system. In an email to Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members, Scott invited his fellow CBCers to attend a meeting with Paul this week, reports Politico. Scott’s email noted that Paul is a cosponsor of a bill that will allow judges to override mandatory sentence minimums and helped obtain passage of the Death in Custody Reporting Act, the first post-Ferguson legislation that passed Congress. Scott’s email added that Paul would not mention the meeting or those attending it in his presidential campaign ……. FL: Bush hits Obama on religious freedom. Delivering the commencement address at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell, Jeb Bush last week attacked the Obama Administration for being “small-minded and intolerant” toward religion. Noting that the Little Sisters of the Poor is among the plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the “contraception mandate” in Obamacare, Bush said in “a choice between the Little Sisters and Big Brother – and I’m going with the Sisters.” …….