Around the South for May 25: GA, AR & FL

Georgia: Deal goes to Hollywood. Gov. Nathan Deal (R) visited Los Angeles last week to urge movie producers to shoot pictures in the Peach State. Meeting with studio executives, Deal cited his state’s film tax credit. “It’s good for Georgia and it’s good for business,” the governor said, reported the Los Angeles Times ……. Arkansas: Cotton clashes with Paul. US Sen. Tom Cotton (R) disagreed with his fellow Republican, US Sen. Rand Paul (KY), over renewing the Patriot Act. Paul, in an eleven-hour floor speech, contended there need to be more safeguards in the law to protect privacy. Cotton, however, said, “This not a question of looking at the actual contents of calls. And the Constitution, as ruled by the Supreme Court, doesn’t give anyone a reasonable expectation of privacy in data that the telephone companies have always had,” reports Briebart News ……. Florida: Nelson opposes oil drilling measure. “”Florida is under siege,” says US Sen. Bill Nelson (D), in reference to a measure by some Gulf State senators to end a ban on offshore drilling. “At some point, folks need to ignore Big Oil’s greed and simply do what’s right,” Nelson said, reports the Tampa Bay Times …….