Around the South for June 3: FL, KY & 2016

Florida: One no, one maybe, in Senate race. Former US Sen. – by appointment – George LeMieux (R) announced yesterday that he will not run for the Senate next year. But Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera (R) told Sunshine State News that he is strongly considering a US Senate bid. Incumbent Marco Rubio (R) is leaving the seat vacant to run for president ……. Kentucky: Paul gets TV time, but angers colleagues. US Sen. Rand Paul (R), whose tactics in the Senate resulted in a temporary lapse of the National Security Act, may have made points with his right/libertarian base, but he angered many of his fellow GOPers, including John McCain, who called Paul “the worst,” reports The Hill ……. 2016: GOP to attract black voters? Republicans, who garnered a slim 4% of the votes of African Americans in 2008 and only 6% in 2012, are  hoping that with Barack Obama no longer at the top of the ticket, the GOP may be able to increase its share of the black vote, even if only modestly, reports The Hill. The last Republican presidential candidate to receive more than 15% of the black vote was Gerald Ford in 1976, who garnered 17% …….