Around the South for June 10: AL, FL & NC

Alabama: Sessions vindicated? According to the New York Times, Walt Disney World hired 250 workers from India to replace 250 Americans who were fired, but first required to train the Indians. The foreign workers were hired under H-1B, a provision of the immigration law that allows foreign workers with special skills to be hired. But US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R), long a major critic of US immigration policies said in a statement reported in,  “The H-1B program … has become a vehicle for displacing many of our most talented Americans with lower-paid workers from abroad.” ……. Florida: RNC preps the Sunshine State for Hillary visit. The Republican National Committee launched a sharp attack on Hillary Clinton’s support of Obamacare in a new website. Noting that health insurance premiums in Florida have risen 24.5 percent because of the Affordable Care Act, with the highest rates rising 62.5%, the GOP asserted, “Both Clinton and Obama promised lower premiums under Obamacare, but … every passing day under Obamacare more and more Americans bear the consequences of Obama and Clinton’s broken promises.” ……. North Carolina: Trump all but announces. In an interview with Raleigh’s News & Observer before his speech Saturday to the state GOP convention, New York mega-businessman signaled his intention to officially enter the presidential contest on June 16 (the day after Jeb Bush’s formal announcement). “I think a lot of people are going to be very happy…” said Trump. “It’s about making America great again. I can do it,” he said modestly, “and nobody else can do it.” …….