Around the South for June 17: GA, TN & NC

Georgia: Parkinson’s no barrier to Isakson. A survey by IAG News found that 50% of those who are likely to vote in the Republican Primary next year plan to vote for the reelection of US Sen. Johnny Isakson, despite his disclosure that he has Parkinson’s Disease. Some 26% said they would prefer another candidate, while 24% were undecided. Asked about the effect on their vote of Isakson having Parkinson’s, 21% said it made them more likely to vote for Isakson, 11% said less likely, and 50% said it would have no impact ……. Tennessee: Corker questions Obama on Iran.  Senate Foreign Relations chairman Bob Corker (R) has written President Obama about “reports indicating potential concessions on inspections on the full disclosure of Iran’s possible military dimensions.” Corker urged the president “to please pause and consider rethinking the entire approach.” …… North Carolina: Voters on Obamacare, gay matrimony and the Confederacy. The latest Elon Poll found that 60% of Tar Heel voters believe Obamacare should be modified, not repealed; 54% said states should decide whether same-sex marriages should be legal to 44% who said they should be legal everywhere; and 55% believe Sons of the Confederacy and “Choose life” license planes should be permitted …….