Around the South for: SC, VA & KY

South Carolina: Confederate flags fly off the shelves. In Abbeville, SC, the site of the last meeting of the Confederate cabinet, a store that specializes in Confederate memorabilia sold more than 100 Confederate flags, a store record, last Thursday, reports the Washington Post. The store ran out of flags and the owner, Robert Hayes, 75, was told by his supplier it had also sold out, and he would have to wait a week before getting more ……. Virginia: GOP will hold primary. By a vote of 42 to 39, the Republican State Central Committee decided to hold a presidential primary in 2016 instead of a convention. The decision was a compromise, with moderates – who favored the primary – agreeing to support a convention to nominate statewide nominees in 2017. The meeting was held in the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in the Shenandoah Valley ……. Kentucky: Paul wins backing from supporters of legal marijuana. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), which favors treating pot the same as alcohol under the law, issued a report card on presidential candidates’ views on the subject. Rand Paul (R) got the highest grade, an A-, reports the US News & World Report. The second-highest grade, a B+, went to former US Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA). The MPP has contributed $15,000 to various PACs supporting Paul …….