Around the South for July 2: OK, TX & VA

Oklahoma: Lawmakers want to impeach seven state justices. After the state Supreme Court ruled 7 to 2 to ban a monument to the Ten Commandments on the grounds of Oklahoma’s state Capitol, eleven Republicans in the state House of Representatives called for the impeachment of the seven justices who favored the decision, reports The McCarville Report. Said state Rep. Kevin Calvey (R), “These Supreme Court justices are nothing more than politicians in black robes, masquerading as objective jurists.” ……. Texas: State government entities recognize same-sex marriages. In the wake of the US Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriages in every state, the Teacher Retirement System, the University of Texas System, the Texas A&M University System and the Employees Retirement System have all announced that they will provide benefits to spouses in same-sex marriages, reports the Dallas Morning News. However, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other top officials are arguing against the court ruling ……. Virginia: Win With Webb? Former US Sen. Jim Webb (D) said Tuesday in an appearance before the National Sheriffs’ Association that he will announce his presidential plans “within the next few days,” reports the Washington Post. Citing his advocacy of prison reform, Webb touted his leadership as “the type that would take on the tough issues that other people don’t want to talk about.” …….