Around the South for July 7: TX, TN & VA

Texas: Cruz raising major money. It has come from more than 175,000 donors in 48% of US zip codes in an average amount of $81 each. The bottom line is that US Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R) raised $14.2 million since he announced in mid-March, reports his campaign, and his super PAC has raised another $37 million, for a total of $51.2 million ……. Tennessee: Corker visits Venezuela. Returning from a two-day trip to Venezuela, US Sen. Bob Corker (R), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, warned that unless Venezuela “fully embraces free markets, disciplined monetary policy, respect for human rights and rule of law, fair elections and ridding the country of rampant corruption …,” conditions in Venezuela “will lead to even more suffering for their people.” ……. Virginia: Warner spotlights “sharing economy.” With more and more Americans becoming contractual workers in such companies as Uber and in internet-related jobs, US Sen. Mark Warner (D) believes attention must be paid to benefits such as healthcare and pensions for these people. “We have 25 people running for president,” Warner told the Washington Post, “and no one is talking about the fastest-growing area of work in our country.” Warner did not propose a federal solution, but urged the private and public sectors to focus on this trend …….