Around the South for July 15: TN, VA & MS

Tennessee: Corker skeptical of Iran deal. US Sen. Bob Corker (R), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement on the Nuclear Agreement with Iran that he wants to read and fully understand the details of the treaty, “but I begin from a place of deep skepticism that the deal actually meets the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. In the coming days, Congress will need to scrutinize this deal and answer whether implementing the agreement … could create a more dangerous threat to the United States and its allies.” ……. Virginia: McAuliffe announces surplus, but … Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) announced that the state has a revenue surplus of $553 million, but urged caution in view of the continuing effects of federal sequestration cuts. “If we can get through this sequestration,” he said, “and do it in a responsible manner that protects  … our military assets and defense assets here in Virginia, boy, I’ll tell you, we’re off,” reported the Washington Post ……. Mississippi: Bryant says flag should stay as is. Although state House Speaker Philip Gunn (R) said recently that it was time for the state to remove the Confederate battle flag from its state flag, Gov. Phil Bryant (R) takes a contrary view, noting that in a 2001 referendum, “The people … overwhelmingly supported [64%] the current flag in the state of Mississippi. I don’t think we need to go about trying to supersede the will of the people,” reports …….