Around the South for July 20: NC, SC & TX

North Carolina: McCrory meets with caucuses. Gov. Pat McCrory (R) last week had rare meetings with the Republican caucus in the state House of Representatives and the state Senate. While he did not speak to the press afterwards, Senate leader Phil Berger told the Charlotte Observer the discussion focused on “the budget, economic development and the bonds,” i.e., the $2.85 billion bond issue for infrastructure McCrory wants on this November’s ballot ……. South Carolina: Clyburn calls for gun sale reform. US Rep. Jim Clyburn (D), the Assistant Democratic Leader in the House, has called for a change in the law concerning retail gun sales. Under current law, if the FBI doesn’t complete its investigation in three days, the sale can be completed. “The Background Check Completion Act will guarantee that no gun is sold by a licensed dealer until a background check is completed,” Clyburn told The State newspaper, a law that would have prevented Dylann Roof, the alleged killer in the Charleston church massacre, from buying a gun ……. Texas: Cruz calls for new laws to protect military bases. In the wake of the killing of five Marines in Chattanooga, US Sen. Ted Cruz (R), a presidential candidate, called for reform of US immigration laws, in particular to “pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act that would allow our government to stop Americans who travel overseas to train with terrorist groups” from reentering the country. In a statement released Friday, he also called for discussion of arming personnel at US military facilities …….