Around the South for Aug. 5: AL, KY & FL

Alabama: Bentley adamant on $300 million in new taxes.  Gov. Robert Bentley (R) told reporters in his Montgomery office that state lawmakers will have to come up with “approximately $310 million… It’s got to be close to that,” or face being called in for another special session. Moreover, Bentley rejected legalized gambling, taxed by the state, as an alternative. He suggests a hike in the cigarette tax and reform of the budget process ……. Kentucky: Paul edges Clinton. In a head-to-head presidential contest in the Bluegrass State, favorite son Rand Paul (R) would get 44% to Hillary Clinton’s (D) 42%, according to the latest Bluegrass Poll taken in late July by Survey USA for The Courier-Journal and other media. In May, Paul and Clinton were tied in the Bluegrass Poll ……. Florida: Senate redistricting will have impact. When the legislature’s upper chamber draws new boundaries for state senate districts in October, one impact will be the possibility that many districts will have new numbers, which would allow some incumbents to extend their time in office beyond the eight year term-limit. This, according to Tallahassee political analyst Barney Bishop in Sunshine State News …….