Around the South for August 12th, TX, KY & FL


Texas: Perry campaign out of money. The presidential campaign of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has stopped paying its staff, reports the Washington Post. Perry, who has been preparing for this campaign since he lost his 2012 bid, could be the first of the 17 GOP contenders to drop out of the crowded field ……. Kentucky: Paul blasts Trump. “It makes me sad to think that Tea Party awakening could be hijacked or hoodwinked by a guy who supported the bank bailouts, supported Obamacare and continues to support the Clintons,” wrote presidential contender Rand Paul in an article for the Independent Journal Review. “I was there at the first Tea Party in 2007 and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand passively by and watch the movement destroyed by a fake conservative.” ……. Florida: Brown suit dropped. US Rep. Corrine Brown (D) lost her effort to join a lawsuit challenging the Sunshine State’s new congressional redistricting when the lawyers making the challenge withdrew the suit. Brown, whose 5th District (Jacksonville) seat would be less secure for her under the new lines, continued to criticize the court-ordered redistricting: “It is particularly important for African-American and Latino communities to be heard, whose representation and voting power will be severely impacted by redistricting.” …….