Around the South for Aug. 24: AL, FL & VA

Alabama: Sessions helps Trump. While there was no out-and-out endorsement, US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R), the Senate’s major foe of illegal immigrants, gave a major political boost to Donald Trump’s presidential prospects last Friday when he took the podium at the rally wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. “Thank you for the work you’ve put into the immigration issue,” Sessions told Trump and the enthusiastic crowd. “I’m really impressed with your plan.” ……. Florida: Redistricting stalled. In the face of rancorous disagreement between the legislature’s upper and lower chambers, Sunshine State lawmakers concluded a special session without drawing new congressional district lines, as required by the state Supreme Court. Unless legislatures can agree on a new plan quickly, the state’s high court may draw the new lines, much to the dismay of GOPers ……. Virginia: McConnell appeals to Supreme Court. After a federal judge rejected former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s (R) request that he be allowed to stay out of prison pending his appeal, McDonnell has appealed to the Supreme Court to allow him his freedom until the high court rules on his appeal on federal corruption charges, reports the Washington Post. Otherwise, the former governor could report to prison as soon as August 27 …….