Around the South for Aug. 26: KY, FL & TX

Kentucky: Paul can run for two offices. The Kentucky Republican Central Committee, by a vote of 111 to 36, approved March 5 caucuses to choose their presidential nominee, instead of a primary, reported the Washington Post. This paves the way for Rand Paul to run for reelection to the US Senate and pursue his presidential race simultaneously ……. Florida: Rubio gets a boost in Texas. Dallas real estate mogul Harlan Crow and his wife are hosting a fundraiser at their home to benefit Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, reports the Dallas Morning News. For $2,700, you get a photo op with the candidate. For $1,000, mere admission to the event, to be held on September 22 ……. Texas: Cruz courts Trump. For whatever reason, Texan Ted Cruz has been courting New Yorker Donald Trump, meeting with him personally five or more times and calling him on the phone from time to time. There is speculation that Cruz wants to be in the sweet spot if Trump decides to drop out. Although it doesn’t look like Trump will leave the race anytime soon, a source close to Trump told the Daily Beast that Cruz is the second choice for a lot of Trump partisans. A second possibility would be to entice Trump to choose Cruz as his running mate …….