Around the South for Sept. 1: OK, MS & LA

Oklahoma: Inhofe questions new Clean Water Rule. US Sen. Jim Inhofe (R) has written letters to officials of the EPA and the Army’s Civil Works department asking them to clarify the scope of their new rule that would give them jurisdiction over land where streams and wetlands may have existed in the past, reported The Daily Caller. Noting that it was once common practice to use such areas for sewer and storm-water systems, Inhofe said this “radical expansion” of authority could preclude this use, to the detriment of public health ……. Mississippii: Wicker supports Alzheimer’s research. At the recent Alzheimer’s Legislative Conference at Mississippi State University, US Sen. Roger Wicker (R) spoke about his EUREKA legislation, explaining it would work with a private foundation “to establish a pretty generous prize to researchers who can conquer various milestones when it comes to Alzheimer’s.” ……. Louisiana: Jindal screens Planned Parenthood Videos. Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) showed videos on a giant screen outside the governor’s mansion that featured Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of body parts from aborted fetuses, reports Austin Ruse. The screening, on top of his recent action cancelling the state’ contracts with Planned Parenthood, could constitute a major play for the support of abortion foes …….