Around the South for Sept. 3: VA, KY & NC/SC

Virginia: Supremes let McDonnell stay free for now. The US Supreme Court ruled that Virginia’s former governor Bob McDonnell (R) may stay out of prison pending the court’s later ruling on the merits of his conviction on corruption charges ……. Kentucky: McDonnell has full plate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) faces a controversial agenda now that federal lawmakers have returned from their August recess. President Obama has the votes to prevent the Senate from overruling his veto of the expected Senate disapproval of his Iran nuclear deal. In addition, social conservatives are pressuring McDonnell to attach a rider that would deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood. And some on the right are urging a government shut-down as a weapon against the Obama Administration ……. North & South Carolina: Governors bet barbecue on game. State CEO’s Pat McCrory (NC) and Nikki Haley (SC) have agreed that the governor of the losing team in the UNC-USC football game in Charlotte tonight will provide the other with a supply of its state’s barbecue, a staple of the diet in both states …….