Around the South for Sept. 14: LA, KY & AL


Louisiana: Jindal dumps on Trump. Calling his presidential rival Donald Trump “an unstable narcissist,” Gov. Bobby Jindal noted that Trump claimed that the Bible was his favorite book, but couldn’t name a favorite verse or passage, so he probably hadn’t read it. “You know why he hasn’t read the Bible?” Jindal continued. “Because he’s not in it,” ……. Kentucky: Public doesn’t back Kim Davis. A Rasmussen Reports survey says that Kim Davis, the recalcitrant Rowan County clerk who was sent to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses because she had religious objections to same-sex marriage, doesn’t have the public behind her. Only 26% say an elected official should be able to disobey a federal court order based on religious reasons, while 66% believe the official should obey the federal court. Rasmussen also found, however, that the issue of gay marriage has divided the country almost down the middle: 46% support same-sex marriage, 41% oppose it, with 13% undecided ……. Alabama: Will divorce lessen Bentley’s clout? After First Lady Dianne Bentley, wife of Gov. Robert Bentley (R), filed for divorce at the end of August, a member of the state Republican committee called for the governor’s resignation and at least one GOP legislator has asked for an investigation to make sure none of the governor’s official expenses were spent for improper personal use. None of this will be helpful as Bentley continues to urge the legislature to increase state spending, and thus taxes, for some key projects. Court records of the divorce have been sealed, but speculation has focused on the governor’s relationship with a key female aide  …….