Around the South for Oct. 5: KY, VA & SC

Kentucky: McConnell gets weak GOP support. Following the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner, Rasmussen Reports surveyed Republican voters about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell had the backing of only 22%, while 46% thought he should resign and 32% were undecided. As for Boehner, only 14% believed his resignation was bad for the congressional GOP ……. Virginia: Gillespie running for governor, but … Former Republican National Chairman Ed Gillespie announced last week that he is going to run for governor in 2017, but he might not have an easy path to the nomination. Hard-right conservatives, reports The Washington Post, are not enamored of a nominee as tied in to the old GOP establishment as Gillespie. A potential candidate who could give Gillespie a run for his money in a Republican convention is former state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who lost a close race to now-Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) in 2013; Cuccinelli remains undecided about the race ……. South Carolina: Graham campaigns on The View. Maintaining his reputation for wit and congeniality, presidential candidate US Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) appeared as a guest on The View, which features an all-women panel discussing current events. Of the Islamic terrorists, Graham said he wants “to go over there and kill as many of the bastards as we can.” And he said he would support Donald Trump if gets the GOP nomination, but said, “I don’t see him bringing us together.” …….