Around the South for Oct. 9: GA, LA & FL

Georgia: Hillary gets major endorsements. US Rep. John Lewis (D) and a slew of heavyweight Peach State Democrats have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The list includes former UN Ambassador Andrew Young, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and state Democratic chair DuBose Porter. “She is ready to be president on day one,” Lewis said in a statement, adding that Clinton “has my wholehearted endorsement.” ……. Louisiana: Jindal tax plan covers most everyone. Bobby Jindal (R) unveiled his tax platform this week, and it is a different take on conservative fiscal policy. Under his plan, reports the Wall Street Journal, most deductions would be eliminated and most citizens would pay some income tax. In a statement, Jindal said “We simply must require that every American has some skin in this game. If we have generations of Americans who never pay any taxes, it will be very easy for them to turn a blind eye to absurd government spending.” ……. Florida: Still a swing state. In the latest Quinnipiac Poll, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 46% to 41%, leads Ben Carson 45% to 43%, and leads Carly Fiorina by 44% to 42%. But Marco Rubio leads Clinton 46% to 44%, and Jeb Bush edges her 44% to 43% …….