Around the South for Oct. 13: FL, SC & OK

Florida: Clawson would go outside for speaker. US Rep. Curt Clawson (R), who voted for US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for House Speaker against John Boehner, has reiterated his notion of bringing in someone from outside the House of Representatives to lead the lower chamber. “This is not a time for promoting from within, and the vacancy in the speakership gives our party, and the House of Representatives, opportunity for improvement,” Clawson said, as reported by Sunshine State News …….  South Carolina: Scott praises press. Speaking to the Inter American Press Association last week, US Sen. Tim Scott (R) spoke of wading through hip-deep water in his native North Charleston during recent flooding: “Who was there with us besides the firefighters, the law enforcement officers, the EMS folks, was the press,” making sure people knew what was happening and could stay safe, reports the Post & Courier ……. Oklahoma: Pollard succeeds Brogdon. The Oklahoma state Republican Committee last weekend elected Pam Pollard, the president of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women, as its new state chair, succeeding Randy Brogdon, who resigned in the face of growing criticism from some party members. Pollard got a plurality over Vice-Chair Estela Hernandez and 3rd District chairman Robert Hubbard, who then jointly moved to make Pollard’s election unanimous, reports The McCarville Report …….