Around the South for Oct. 29: KY, FL & TX

Kentucky: McConnell helps Bevin. With indications that next Tuesday’s gubernatorial election could go to Democrat Jack Conway in a close race, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has gone to bat for Republican Matt Bevin, despite Bevin’s bitter primary challenge to McConnell last year, reports the Washington Post. Even though Bevin declined to endorse McConnell in the 2014 General Election, this year McConnell has hosted three fundraisers for Bevin, is recording GOTV robo-calls and is offering a fly-around tour at Bevin’s side ……. Florida: Term-limits? Two SunshineState legislators have introduced legislation calling for a national constitutional convention to amend Article V to provide for term-limits for members of Congress, says Sunshine State News. Thirty-four states must agree for the convention to take place ……. Texas: Brady to head Ways & Means? US Rep. Kevin Brady (R) is the early favorite to succeed presumed House Speaker-to-be Paul Ryan (WI) as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, reports The Hill. Others are interested, however, including US Rep. Pat Tiberi (OH) …….