Around the South for Oct. 30: FL, TX & OK

Florida: Nine US Reps vote for Webster. In yesterday’s vote for House Speaker, US Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) won with 236 votes. Nine votes, however, eight of them from Dixie, were cast for US Rep. Dan Webster (FL): Clawson, Posey, Yoho (FL); Massie (KY); Jones (NC); Gohmert & Weber (TX) and Brat (VA), plus Gosar (AZ). Webster did not vote, nor did Ryan ……. Texas: Carson, Clinton lead. In a KTVT-CBS poll of Lone Star Republicans, Ben Carson led with 23%, followed by Donald Trump with 22%, Ted Cruz 14%, Jeb Bush 13% and Marco Rubio 7%, with the others trailing. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton had 59%, Bernie Sanders 10% and Martin O’Malley 3% ……. Oklahoma: It’s 25% for Carson, 19% for Trump, 9% for Rubio and 7% for Cruz, with others further behind, says a survey for The Oklahoman. Among Democrats, it’s 30% for Clinton, 21% for Sanders (Why was it this close?) and 1% for O’Malley …….