Around the South for Nov. 2: VA, GA & Dems

Virginia: Webb pitches independent run. Former US Sen. Jim Webb (D), once a Republican, then a Democrat, who dropped out of this year’s Democratic presidential contest, authored an op/ed in Sunday’s Washington Post. After noting that “Far more Americans consider themselves to be political independents than Democrats or Republicans,” Webb said that an independent president “would be best equipped to face the hard choices” of today’s government. And who might that be? ……. Georgia: Clinton works Dixie. Appearing over the weekend in Atlanta, Hillary Clinton – despite being interrupted by “Black Lives Matter” members – worked to cement her support among non-white voters (61% to 13% for Sanders in an ABC-Washington Post poll), stressing criminal justice reform and laws against racial profiling by law enforcement. She then traveled to Charleston, SC, to address an NAACP banquet ……. Democrats: Most view socialism favorably. Recent surveys of Democratic voters by YouGov and Rasmussen Reports found that a majority have a favorable opinion of socialism. Rasmussen says Democrats were evenly divided between socialism and capitalism …….