Around the South for Nov. 10: VA, TN & FL

Virginia: Ad aimed at Latinos. In the recent legislative campaigns, People for the American Way sponsored ads comparing the Virginia Republicans with Donald Trump’s anti-illegal immigrant stance. “Trump isn’t the only one,” says a woman speaking Spanish. “The Republicans of Virginia have proposed to track immigrants as if they were packages and have compared us to rats.” The ads were concentrated in Prince William County, which now has about 98,000 Hispanics ……. Tennessee: DesJarlais faces a new foe. US Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R), who has survived several difficult election battles that focused on his 2001 divorce, will face well-funded 27-year old Grant Starrett, a conservative activist, in the 2016 Republican Primary. Starrett is expected to try to run to the incumbent’s Right ……. Florida: Rubio gains endorsements. Although Jeb Bush leads 538’s “endorsement primary,” he has picked up only 3 since Labor Day. By contrast, Marco Rubio is in second place, with 25 – but 22 have announced their support since Labor Day …….