Around the South for Nov. 16: VA, TX & NC

Virginia: Supreme Court to hear redistricting case. The US Supreme Court announced Friday that it would hear an appeal of a lower court ruling that held that the state’s congressional districts illegally concentrated black voters into a single district at the expense of their influence in other districts. The ruling represents “a small victory,” says the Washington Post, for the state’s Republican legislative leaders ……. Texas: Supremes will hear abortion case. In another important case, the US Supreme Court will decide whether regulations of abortion clinics in Texas place undue burdens on the right of women to obtain an abortion. Since the Texas law was implemented, many abortion clinics have closed, so that the average county is now 111 miles from a clinic, reports the New York Times ……. North Carolina: Burr seeks return of report on CIA torture. US Sen. Richard Burr (R), who is seeking reelection next year, has asked executive agencies which received a copy of the 6,700-page report on secret interrogation activities of the CIA to return them unread, contending that the report was partisan and embarrassing to agencies involved, says the News & Observer’s Editorial Board. The ACLU is suing to have the report released …….